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Moon Lamp, the Ultimate Guide

You are lying on your rooftop, feeling quite yet so insignificant under the canopy of the lighted sky. The moon radiates its calmness and dims up your face. How would it feel if this distance is diminished and you can explore the warmth of the moon?

How often do you say to your loved one, ‘I love you to the moon and back!’? It’s just a matter of few moments till you make them feel the real depth of this phrase. Here’s the right corner if you want them to experience something similar yet beautiful. Enjoy the uniqueness of our moon lamps and get a varied edition of this collection.

A Closer Look at the Moon Lamp

Lamps have always found their way into our homes, sometimes to provide us with dim light and sometimes to serve the purpose of decoration. The Moon Lamp is not a very traditional concept; in fact, it results from recent technology.

It is shaped like a full moon. You can quickly grab it in your hands and place it anywhere you like. It also comes with a switch and batteries, giving off a very close resembling light to an actual moon. However, the LED element of the light bulb used enhances the lighting of the moon lamp.

In modern spaces, old light bulbs have been outdated. Hence, these moon lamps are highly preferred and adored. The moon lamps are doing a great job in celebrating romance between happy couples. It has now become a signature of love and peace.

However, these moon lamps are not just limited to couples. They are equally loved and enjoyed by the young ones. It’s an essential item in the room for most of the kids. They love the glow that radiates out of these lamps. Kids have been sticking artificial stars to the light to give them a feeling of sleeping under the real sky. The kids have a real attachment to the moon lamps!

The Face of Moon Lamps

The pattern on the moon lamps is crafted with much effort. A substantial amount of work is crucial to create a similar image of an actual moon; these thin creases, uneven fragments, and dark and bright tints on the moon lamp serve as the moon figure’s authentic replica.

The moon lamp comes with sixteen color options. They have a button attached to turn on or off the lamp. This same button can further provide an opportunity to change the light color. Additionally, the moon lamps can intensify the brightness of the moon lamp and likewise lessen it.

Moon Lamp Box

Once you open your magical moon lamp packaging, you are most likely to find

  • A luminous moon lamp with a small charging port
  • Stand for securing the moon lamp
  • A remote Controller (for 16 color lamp)
  • A charging wire
  • A short book with complete guidelines for using the device

Moon Lamps and its Basic Types

Moon lamp offers you a distinguished variety in its troop.

Royal Moon Lamps

Relish the native moon lamp, embodied with a crystal-like surface and an undoubtedly close resemblance to the moon structure. Uplift your romance to the next level by placing it on your bedside and soothing yourselves under the canopy of yellow moonlight. Express your unconditional love through the ambiance of a dazzling moon.  

The original moon lamp comes in four sizes, namely 3in, 6in, 7in, and 8in moon lamps. As the size suggests, the 3inches moon lamp is the smallest while the largest one has a length of 8 inches. With a relatively larger size, the feeling of undiscovered galaxies grows stronger.

Personalized Moon Lamps

Pick the ideal birthday present for the people you admire. This classy yet sweet gesture would reflect the love you bear for them. This strange idea of a gift would delight a special one. It doesn’t matter if they place it in their room or use it as décor for the drawing-room; it will always serve as a beautiful reminder for them!

This type also entails four different sizes starting from 6 to 9 inches.

What’s so special About Customized Moon Lamp?

These Customized moon lamps can be made far more memorable than buying a simple light! It provides an option for printing images on the face of the lamp. This customization is the key to stand out as your perfect choice for the occasion!

  • Human Images: You have an option of imprinting the picture of you, along with the person you’re presenting this gift to it can be your wife, kid, parents, friends, etc. Make them feel unique and joyful with an extraordinary gift!
  • Scribbling Messages: If you want to give your special one a message and don’t want to test it, get yourself a moon lamp. That will help you make an announcement loud and clear!
  • Animal Images: If you’re a pet lover and want the world to know, here’s a great deal for you! Get a picture of you with your pet on the moon lamp and express your bond!
  • Promotion: Marketing agencies keep on changing their traditional methods of advertising. They are forever in search of better and practical techniques for out-shining their products. The moon lamp is a new addition to their practice. It either lit up with the logo of any given company or a picture of the product they are keen to promote.
  • Decoration: The moon lamps are quite handy with modern-day decorators. They brighten up the room and boost up the energy in the room! Moon lamps have penetrated gradually into the décor market, and using them in the right manner adds a new dimension to your unique décor styling.

Which Moon Lamp Should You Buy?

Overall, it would be best to consider a couple of factors while ordering yourself a moon lamp. You need to consider the battery, size, maintenance, and functionality before selecting your light.


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