My Cat is Burping! Is it Normal?

Humans generally burp after having large meals or drinking sodas and  other beverages. In the same way, cats  can burp after drinking a large amount of water from their bowls. But is it common for  felines to burp? And is there a cause for concern if they burp?

Cats rarely let out a loud belch while resting on the couch after having lunch or dinner. This is because kitty cats breathe through their little noses, so excessive air entering their system can be uncommon unless they are rapid eaters.

If you notice your fur ball letting out too many burps daily or is repeatedly burping for prolonged periods, this probably needs your vet’s attention. Cat insurance NZ can cover your furry pet’s medical care during unanticipated health scenarios and medical emergencies.

Consider purchasing cheap cat insurance to support your furry feline with superior medical care at affordable costs in unexpected health situations. Meanwhile, read this article to understand why cats burp.

Why is my cat burping?

Unusual sounds like burps indicate a gastrointestinal (GI) upset in a fur ball. For instance, some common GI issues that can cause burps are acid reflux, swallowing hairballs, indigestion, foreign object ingestion, and a hypersensitive stomach.

Other GI conditions that lead to burping in cats are inflammation in the food pipe, esophagitis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Look out for additional signs in your kitty like vomitting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, weight loss and blood in their stools to get a hint on the medical condition/s contributing to the burping and other symptoms.

Burping can also result from an anesthetic procedure, where the stomach muscles are temporarily affected. It is a rare condition that can occur post-surgery or other medical procedures that involve anesthesia.The burps gradually reduce as the anesthesia fades off.

When is burping a concerning condition?

A cat burping once in a while may not be a reason to worry.. It can happen when your munchkin swallows excessive air.

However, if your kitty is burping frequently and is also  experiencing other adverse symptoms you probably should schedule a vet visit. Your fluffy furball may need immediate veterinary care to find relief from the symptoms.

Signs like nasal blocks and gagging can point to a serious underlying health issue that requires medical attention. A check up by your vet will help get to the bottom of the matter, ensuring your kitty gets back to good health.

What should I do to solve my cat’s burping issue?

If your furball is continuously burping, has breathing difficulties, or showing signs of GI troubles, then contact your vet immediately. Note your observations and give your vet as much information as possible about the timing and frequency of your kitty’s burping and other symptoms. This will ensure your fur baby gets the proper medical assistance.

Unplanned vet bills to ensure your kitty gets the best medical treatment can cost thousands of dollars depending on the medical emergency. Cat insurance in NZ can help you better prepare for these unanticipated situations like this. Having a cushion in the form of a cheap cat insurance policy will allow you to focus on your fur baby’s treatment instead of the added stress of mounting costs.

James Vines

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