The Meaning of a “Rewrite Essay” Task. What Is It?

You know how important it is to write without any plagiarism! No matter whether you are a freelance writer or a high school, college, or university student, you always keep in mind the principles of academic integrity and originality of ideas. Have you already learned how to rewrite essay assignments and make sure that all the ideas are unique? Are you good at choosing the best phrases to get your thought-provoking ideas to the readers? The content you will present to your audience should be engaging, owing to a flavor of your approach and understanding of the topic.

Rewriting services delivered to the students and even business people can be helpful. They give a chance to use great papers with excellent ideas and a suitable approach again. Copy-pasting the ideas means that you commit a crime, but you would not like to act like a thief. Still, you can use similar ideas, presenting them in an entirely different manner with new vocabulary and structures of the sentences. In that case, you can get an excellent score for the paper without any blames for plagiarism.

So, you have to learn what rewriting essays and articles means. It will let you express your ideas and write effectively with the help of some other essays and papers written before. It is an honest way to grab your readers’ attention and meet the standards of fair writing and integrity.
In fact, the method of paraphrasing is popular, but it does not mean that it is easy to apply it. It requires a lot of knowledge, concern, due care, and attention from the students until they master this art.

It is complicated to come up with great ideas for new content. It can be complicated and tiresome. You may be stressed out when the deadlines are pretty close, and too much pressure does not let you focus on writing.

Writing an excellent essay is a tough task, and if it is necessary to add something or do a revision, rewriting seems to be a great burden for the students. They may lack time for that extra work as they have other obligations and many other writing assignments to complete. The greatest challenge for a student is to balance the time between writing, volunteering, work, family, and hanging out with friends.

Plagiarism in writing: does rewriting help?

Writing can be an outstanding experience, but rewriting also helps a lot. It may sound weird, but any writing can be interpreted as rewriting of some kind. It is actually a rewriting activity that helps writers target specific perspectives.

Plagiarism can lead to disaster and complete ruining of a career. Most students realize the threats and do everything possible to prevent the catastrophe. They know about the importance of rewriting, and they know that most schools have sophisticated plagiarism search software that will not let them cheat. However, it may happen that they plagiarize, being not aware of this.

Do you know that the secret of perfect writing is not in writing itself? It is not about sophisticated vocabulary or fancy structures. It is about perfect editing! Having written the draft, even the most experienced experts start the stage of rewriting! They spend much more time polishing and reviewing than on the actual writing. Your academic research paper or an essay is no different.

You would like to show your approach to a certain problem. It means that you have to select the words that can do that perfectly well. You are not allowed to use someone’s expressions, words, or ideas if you do not reference them and give credit to the authors. You can take the phrase if you believe that you need it in your paper, but it is important to cite the source you have used and use quotation marks to show clearly that the idea is not yours. The person who has produced a great idea deserves some credit; otherwise, you just steal his thoughts.

Interviewing some knowledgeable person, you want to use some of their ideas in your writing. Make those ideas sound unique and cite them appropriately. You can also use some images, charts, and pictures, but they also require referencing. You should also know that if someone else has worked on your paper or even a part of it, it is also plagiarizing as you do not give due credit to that person.

“Rewrite” as a Means of Developing Skills

Learn how to paraphrase

If you know how to paraphrase, you can use the same ideas in other words and grammar structures. Still, it is wrong to replace the vocabulary and change the order of the words in a sentence for good paraphrasing. What you need to do is to retain the original ideas rephrasing everything at a profound level. You know how to rewrite if you reference the paraphrased ideas and mention the original source.

You may quote the needed materials or apply the technique of paraphrasing. So, you can either put the idea you borrow in quotation marks and just copy the words or paraphrase and present the idea differently. Doing academic tasks, it is always better to paraphrase. Why is it so? Because you demonstrate that you can sound original and give credit to the source you used.
If you can incorporate the ideas of other people by either paraphrasing or quoting, you demonstrate that you have mastered a new skill. It can serve as a basic skill of good academic writing based on the principle of originality. You understand the ideas and present them in your way with an acknowledgment of where you have taken them.

Improve readability of the written texts

The readers should not be puzzled by the complex structures in your text. Readability is important, and it depends on a lot of factors: the complexity of the grammar structures, vocabulary, and even the fonts.
Readability can be referred as a grade for your text. A high level of readability means that the readers will not be confused by your ideas. A low level of readability shows that it will be challenging for the readers to understand your content, and they may not like this experience. They will be focused more on the structures and words than on the ideas you want them to understand and agree with.
The clarity of your writing can be scored with the help of a readability score. A high score shows that you can target your audience and help them interact with the content you have created.

Make comprehension better

You can rewrite essay content effectively only if you understand the main idea of the passages. In most cases, the main idea is in the opening sentence of the paragraphs. If the passage is longer, key ideas may be hidden in the conclusions, headings or subheadings.

Students need good comprehension skills, and it is not easy to master them and learn to use them efficiently.
Reading and rewriting are based on grasping the precise meaning of what you have read. You need to be aware of the reasons why the author gives the arguments in favor or against something. Improve your ability to rewrite and write by learning and practicing new writing strategies. This is a very enjoyable process!

The challenging task of essay writing implies taking into account a lot of factors. Remember that effective rewriting is your way to perfect writing. Master the way you can optimize your writing to greatly improve your language skills.


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