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Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mods in 2021 (100% Working)

Finding the best Whatsapp mod is not easy because there are many mod apps available on the internet. Well, if you also find the best mod app then this article going to be beneficial for you. Here, we have mentioned the 5 best Whatsapp mod app list and also have mentioned which features these apps contain.

Note: This article is updated on January 2021.

What are the Mod apps?

Mod apps are a customized version of the official app and in simple words, mod apps are the clone of the official apps. These apps working the same as its original app works although these apps don’t control by the official developer company.  The best thing about these mod apps is these all are free and we can use them on any android device. Well, let’s come straight to the point and talk about which 5 Whatsapp mod apps are best for android mobile.


This is one of the best Whatsapp mod apps and contains more features than Whatsapp Orignal app. The best thing about FMWhatsApp it is a more trusted and secure app than other mod apps. However, it is also a third-party app although it is the most installed Whatsapp mod app and trusted by its millions of users.

Gb Whatsapp

Gbwhatsapp is the second most installed Whatsapp mod app and trusted by its users although it comes with more features than the FM WhatsApp mod app. Well, if you want to install it then you can not download it from the play store because this app is not available on the play store however you can download Gb from any third-party website.


OgWhatsApp instant messaging app is similar to normal WhatsApp. This is an updated version of WhatsApp. That is, the features which are not available in the normal WhatsApp app, here you will find all those features in OgWhatsApp. OG WhatsApp is not an official app of WhatsApp, it is not available on the Google Play Store. You can download it directly using a mobile browser.


Whatsapp Messaging App lacks many FEATURES. Which you will get in Yo Whatsapp App, so for these FEATURES you can use Yo Whatsapp. In the normal Whatsapp app, you can change the chat background but in Yo Whatsapp you can change your theme completely. There is also the option to change the color. Large files can be easily sent without compressors.


So these are the best Whatsapp mod apps if want to download any mod you can from the mentioned link. For more details, please comment below and also share this article with your friends.

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