Where to Find an Early Learning Center in Singapore

Children are a blessing and everyone would love their little one to have a platform that will support their growth and development. If you are wondering where to find early learning centre in Singapore, you are in the right place. EYC (early year’s center) is a new pre-school model for kids aged between two months and four years. We guarantee you a Kindergarten one placement the moment your kid turns five in a nearby MOE kindergarten that partners with us. We have three EYCs currently all in Punggol.

The programme at EYC

We provide early stepping stones to every child. It involves supporting responsive relationships, building core life skills for life and learning. This is done for infants to those in kindergartens.

We strongly believe that children are born with the innate ability to learn. What we do is enhance these abilities by providing an enabling environment that allows them to connect well with the teachers. The EYC programme in my first skool is designed in a verified curriculum that is relationship-based. It emphasizes building a strong bond between the teacher and the child. That enhances the kid’s sense of agency, independence, sense of autonomy, and well-being.

In addition to that, we also encourage the children to draw observations from their daily experiences and help them pick up their interests. That helps them to explore and discover a lot of things about what surrounds them.

As the children grow, the program also grows with them and prepares them for kindergarten. That’s where we implement PETAL (playing, exploring, thinking, and applying to learn). This kind of approach creates a learning experience according to what interests them most. It also expands the child’s ability to assess, question, investigate and discover.

The Environment

We support the idea of children spending most of their time outdoors. Kids who spend most of their time in the outdoors are healthier emotionally, mentally, and physically. When kids play outside, they get the opportunity to explore and that enhances their learning progress. Having that in mind, we have designed five playscapes that will help every kid.

We have designed our outdoor playground perfectly. We have crawling tunnels, sandcastles for kids to build, and many other facilities that will enhance the development of your kid. Our outdoor playground provides a learning platform for every child. There is a bamboo igloo and the kids can listen to stories and also share their stories. We also have a designated cycling track for toddlers that helps them to push cars and buggies around.

We also have a water play zone. There are around nine water jets and children will have fun playing here. It also enhances their learning skills because they get to experience different temperatures and textures. It also enhances their motor skills because they will learn things like squeezing, stirring, scrubbing, and pouring.

We also have a mountain zone where we’ve to build rock climbing mounds with the safety of the kids in mind. It helps the children build up confidence, be more flexible and boost their strength.

If you are wondering where to find an early learning centre in Singapore, this is the place to take your child.


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